3 thoughts on “What new features should we consider?

  • Just another thought – it may be useful if the system could show 2 dates – commencement date of this employment and a second date box to also show the recognition of any continuous service start date i.e. so takes account of any TUPE transfers, and if no transfers then the 2 dates will simply be the same.

    A P45 screen may be useful too.

    • Release 4.1 to be released 12/9/16 adds a Continuous Service Date to the system which should solve the first part of your comment. As for a P45 screen that will probably come early.2017

  • Could we have a facility to automatically calculate the right proportion of holiday entitlement when an employee is joining/ leaving part way through the holiday year – should be at least based on the statutory minimum of 5.6 working weeks paid holiday entitlement (and 12 months/52 weeks in a year) so it can work equally for part time and full time just by entering the number of hours or days worked in a week by that individual.

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