May 21, 2015

Katherine Duff – MD of Keeping HR Simple

Katherine DuffHi, I’m Katherine Duff and I’m the MD of Keeping HR Simple, a HR consultancy providing pragmatic and hands on HR support to small and medium businesses in Cambridgeshire.

HR Partner is a system we recommend without hesitation to anyone who wants to be able to set up and maintain their personnel records.

It’s extremely straightforward to use and the way the system has been set up makes it easy to overcome any possible objections.  The data is kept securely so the main worry over the system being online is not an issue.  The fact that it is securely accessible via the cloud means that the system can be used at any time, day or night, and in any place so it’s easy to get to while out and about.

There are also different levels of access, meaning that confidentiality can be maintained at all times which is of course crucial when dealing with individual’s personal information.  As a HR consultant, having the ability to oversee everything is perfect because it gives us a “bird’s eye” view and it also allows us to have a heads up if there’s anything that needs our attention.

If you’d like to chat to me about how I can help you with your HR needs and how you can get best use from a great HR system like HR Partner, please get in touch.


Katherine Duff
Keeping HR Simple
01487 815720

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