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Benefits & Features - HR Partner
March 8, 2015

Benefits & Features

HR Partner - Features & BenefitsWith HR Partner, you get all the benefits and peace of mind of using a state-of-the-art cloud based HR system, without any of the usual hassle and considerable expense of implementation, support and maintenance. And our on-going programme of enhancements and system improvements – all available to you at no extra cost to you, means you can rest assured that HR Partner will always be at the forefront of its field.

HR Partner is available 24/7 from any location via the internet, giving you instant and easy access to all your employee personnel records and employment documentation at the touch of a button. Using the latest in ultra-safe secure servers and controlled username/password access, you can rest assured that your confidential employee data remains secure at all times.

HR Partner is completely scaleable as your business grows and develops, and can be configured in a standard format, or tailored to suit your specific business requirements. Developed by a team of HR professionals, you can be sure it will help you to save time, money and hassle in managing your employee records – day in, day out.

Whether you’re an end-user managing your own HR issues and records in-house, or you use an external HR company to do it for you, HR Partner enables you to keep all your employee data in one place, with secure access available at any time, from anywhere.

Simply scroll down and view HR Partner features.

Day-to-Day Personnel Issues

Absence Management
Employee absence can be easily monitored and managed on a company or individual basis. Patterns of absence are quickly highlighted, so you can deal with them promptly and effectively. Also, using the ‘Bradford Factor’ formula, HR Partner will even help you calculate the real cost of absenteeism to your business.

Holiday Accrual
Holiday entitlement is automatically generated in line with statutory requirements. Individual rules can also be created for company close-downs, bringing annual leave forward, or carrying holiday over – on a company or individual basis.

Disciplinary and Grievance
All supporting documentation from any disciplinary or grievance can be easily recorded in one central location that is directly linked to the individual concerned, providing an instant and robust due diligence process.

Managing Performance
Online appraisals give Managers instant access to their employees’ training history to identify training requirements, and create a pro-active personal development plan with their staff.

Policies, Procedures and Reminders

Status & Alerts
Reminders and notifications are automatically generated when entering data, to ensure that critical dates – such as probationary periods, appraisals, permits, training and absence – are not missed.

Employment Policies and Procedures
A secure storage facility for all your company’s policies, procedures, letters and templates. You can easily upload your existing company documentation, or use any externally supplied items to create an online extensive document library.

News Board
Use this to communicate news and announcements quickly and easily to your entire workforce – at the touch of a button.

Memoranda Data
A memoranda facility allows instant notifications and notes to be posted to an employee’s file.

Training and Development

Training histories
Training and continued development notes can be monitored and reviewed quickly and easily.

Skills & Competencies
Skill sets – and a framework of the training needs for each role – can be easily created to ensure employees achieve your standards in a measured and controlled way.

Training Needs Analysis
Dynamically compare the skill sets required for a role, and cross-match them with your staff, creating an individual training needs analysis for each employee.

Management Documentation and Reports

Organisation Chart /Contact List
Automatically generate an employee directory, including your organisation’s organogram.

In-built Report Writer
The in-built report writer allows you to produce a wide range of both standard and ad hoc reports instantly – everything from a general overview of your business performance to specific detailed information.

Output File
If required, data can be easily exported to an Excel spreadsheet.

Audit Reports
HR Partner is fully auditable – every access, entry and change of data is automatically recorded.

Multi-Level Access

Manager Access
Managers can have tailored access rights matching their roles and responsibilities, for easy updates to reports, relevant staff records and departmental data. Instant access to company policies and procedures helps to ensure all Managers take a consistent approach to any issue.

Employee Access
Employees can access their own personal information and personnel records, plus any generic information available to all staff – such as the company’s handbook. Access to these areas is fully audited.

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